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Avanti Cooking Pot / Biryani Pot - 304 Grade - Triply Bottom with Lid - Induction and Gas compatible (15% Off)

Rs. 1,255.00 Rs. 1,067.00


The best steel cooking pot to serve a biryani feast for your big family! Mahaa cooking pot is available at the best quality only for you to create love in cooking! This single pot reduces your cooking time and makes you comfortable.


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Product Highlights

Brand: Mahaa
Model Name:

Avanti Cooking Pot

Colour: Silver
Induction Bottom: Yes
Lid: Steel Lid
Non-stick: Yes
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Cooking Pot
Size & Capacity:
  • 20CM - 3.6 L   -  29*18      Cm
  • 22CM - 4.5 L   -  31*19      Cm
  • 24CM - 6.1 L   -  33*21.5   Cm
  • 26CM - 7.7 L    - 36*22.5   Cm
  • 28CM - 9.5 L    - 38*23.5   Cm
  • 30CM - 11.6 L   - 40*25     Cm
Warranty: Against Manufacturer Warranty
Package Contents: 1 Avanti Cooking Pot with Steel Lid
The Cooking Pot Is Suitable For
      • Cooking Pulao
      • Chicken
      • Meat
      • Gravies
      • Vegetable Stew
      • Curries

Beautiful Design

The pot with a snugfit lid is large enough to serve rice for many. They are encapsulated with 3 layers and have enough thickness to provide optimum performance. They feel nice and heavy in hand with perfectly curved cool-touch handles. The interior side of the cookware also remains the same after long use.

Types of Cooking Pot

  • Small Cooking Pot
  • Electric Cooking Pot
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Pot
  • Ceramic Cooking Pot

Perfect Weight


Neither too heavy nor light! Another exciting feature for tired wrists. Very easy to carry and the handles supports the grip and not to get slipped off.


Cooking Pot With The Snug fit Lid


This cooking pot is available with a glass lid which snug fits the cookware without evaporating the aroma and nutrients through steam. A bakelite knob on the toughened glass lid prevents heat transfer to the hands.


Cool Touch And Easy Grip Handles


The cooking pot is designed with cool-touch handles which prevent heat transfer to the hands. The wide handles are easy to get a grip of for all the hardworking hands.


Long Durability


Stainless Steel is the best material for durability! Even after years and years of usage, it stays stainless and good. The hard metal prevents scratches and corrosion. The invisible layer of chromium is the major factor to prevent oxidation.


Reduces Your Cooking Time


This beautiful cooking pot reduces your cooking time by even heat distribution and makes your hectic morning and lunch much easier!


Induction And Gas Stove Compatible


The cooking pot is favourable for both gas stoves and induction. Hostelers, what's more, give it a try! This is safe and durable cookware to cook any type of food.


Even-Heat Distribution


The 3 layers at the bottom of the cooking pot ensure a thick base and provide even heat distribution throughout the whole pot. This prevents sticking of the food to the bottom of the surface and allows a smoother finishing.


Stainless Steel Is Healthy After All!


Cooking with stainless steel is the best choice for cooking than any kind of material. This fit for any kind of environments whether it is a 5-star hotel or a hotel or a home.


Easier To Clean And Maintain


Stainless steel has another amazing benefit that is rustproof. You don't need to get hard with the utensil since it is 100% rustproof! Cleaning them with a scrub is enough to make them look new again.




Worried if you'll have a bad experience after you buy! No worries! Mahaa brands are offering a warranty against manufacturing defects.
11 perfect features for a cooking pot at the best price! Get it from Mahaa brands who are trying to maintain a long-lasting relationship with your kitchen in the world of constant changes. Discover our cookware and give it a shot!

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