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Avanti Fry Pan (Encapsulated Triply Bottom) with steel Lid - Induction and Gas compatible (15% Off)

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Mostly, a meal at home would be incomplete without using frypans. Mahaa brand's Avanti stainless steel frypan is encapsulated, triple-layered which ensures even heat distribution and evenly cooked nourishing meal for your health. The Avanti frypan consists of all the perfect features for a perfect frypan worth money!
Avanti Fry Pan

Product Highlights

Brand: Mahaa
Model Name: Avanti Fry Pan
Colour: Silver
Induction Bottom: Yes
Lid: Steel Lid 
Non-stick: Yes
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Fry Pan
Size & Capacity:
  • 20 CM - 37*9 - 1.26L
  • 22 CM - 40*9 - 1.8L
  • 24 CM - 43.5*9 - 2L
  • 26 CM - 47*9 - 2.6L
Warranty: Warranty against Manufacturing Defects
Package Contents: 1-Piece


Frypan Is Used To
  • Cooking vegetables, fish, eggs, chicken breast, browning steaks, chops
  • Semi liquid items like gravies. I.e, Cornmeal gravy, white gravy etc.
  • Egg toast
  • Noodles
  • Fried Rice
  • Cheesy dishes.


Elegant Design
The stainless steel cookware comes with a unique sandwich bottom, wherein the aluminium is sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel, that ensures your food cooks fast and evenly. It has a tempered glass lid that allows you to see through the cooking process, this lid has a steam release vent. 
The lids are in euro standard so you can fit the same lid for any utensil of our brand. The stainless steel Avanti frypan consists of a cool-touch handle which is very convenient for you. The frypan has flared rims which allows easy dripless pouring.
Long Durability
Since the frypan is made up of stainless steel, it ensures long durability for even long years of usage. Stainless steel is a highly durable material which withstands the wear and tear of everyday activities.
 Rust Proof
Since it consists of an alloy composition of nickel and chromium, it resists corrosion, rust, scratches, dent, breaks and prevents oxidation. No matter stainless steel is a wonder metal of choice for cookware.
Induction And Gas Stove Compatible
Undoubtedly, they are induction and gas stove compatible. This flexibility gives you comfort and convenience while cooking.
Descent Weight Cookware
It is not too heavy or light. Undoubtedly, it has thickened bottom at the base which ensures even heat distribution. It is perfect weight cookware which allows easy grip for tired wrists.
Environment Friendly
This stylish frypan set with lid is perfectly suitable for all kinds of environments whether it is a restaurant, hotel or home.
Stainless Steel Is A Healthy Choice!
Unlike all the non-stick pans available in the markets with Teflon coating which are very unhealthy, stainless steel fry pans stand apart from them. They are made up of good alloy composition of nickel and chromium.
According to research studies, Stainless steel is a choice to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and prevents exposure to diseases.
 Dishwasher Safe
No worries! Use a small scrub and dish detergent to wash the frypan set. Rinse them in water immediately after use. They are designed with non- beading features which don't collect dirt and ensure clean washing.
Food Will Always Retains Its Flavour
The cookware is completely non-reactive with any kind of food. Stainless steel of the best material for getting the gorgeous brown colour on steaks and sauteing. It does an excellent job in roasting vegetables, fish and meat.
Doubtful to buy this product? No, hesitation! Mahaa brands are offering a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects with free returns. In the world of optimum changes, Mahaa Brands is trying to build a long-lasting relationship with your kitchen.
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