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Classic Sauce Pan with Lid - Induction and Gas compatible (30% OFFER)

Rs. 840.00 Rs. 590.00


In the age of constant changes, here is our Mahaa brand's  cookware that promises a friendly relationship with you and your stove! If you are looking for the best quality of saucepan at best prices, Mahaa brands' stainless steel saucepan is the answer.


Classic Sauce Pan


Product Highlights

Brand: Mahaa
Model Name: Classic Sauce Pan
Colour: Silver
Induction Bottom: No
Steel Lid
Non-stick: Yes
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Sauce
Size & Capacity:
  • 14CM - 30*11 - 1.2L
  • 16CM - 31.5*12.5 - 2L
  • 18CM - 34*13.5 - 2.5L
  • 20CM - 36*15 - 3.6L
Warranty: Against Manufacturer Warranty
Package Contents: 1-Piece Sauce Pan 

The Saucepan Is Perfect For

  • Preparations that includes a lot of liquid-like diets like oatmeal
  • Blanching vegetables
  • Poaching eggs
  • Soups
  • Sauces like tomato, pasta sauce
  • Veggie Stew
  • Boiling water


How Does It Work?
The high sides compared to the overall size of the vessel handles the required volume of liquid without losing much of the volume during the cooking process. This durable and robust quality of 100% stainless steel saucepan has a long-standing life.
Easy Grip Handles
Our saucepan set comes with handles for easy grip with safe cool technology that will not get heat up even after prolonged use in the stove.
Saucepauce With Snugfit Lid
The saucepan lid allows you to controls the moisture and essential nutrients of your food in without exposing it through excess steam. The stainless steel interior of the lead makes it completely non- reactive and promotes healthy cooking. The lids are in euro standard so you can fit the same lid for any utensil of our brand.
Gas And Induction Compatible
It can be used on the gas stove and induction cooktop depending on your convenience since they are friendly with both.
Reduce Your Cooking Time
This fascinating saucepan supports your hectic morning breakfast by reducing your cooking time. It uses less heat to prepare nourishing and nutritious meals for your family every day!
Even-Heat Distribution
The thick bottom of the saucepan can handle screaming hot temperature and ensures even heat distribution through the whole pan and doesn't cause the food to burn at a higher temperature.
Dishwasher Safe
The saucepan set with rustproof quality makes it very easy to wash with soft scrub. Having round featured walls with blended handles make it even easier to wash it all around the corners of the vessel. It is designed with non- beading features and have a smooth rim which don't collect dirt and ensure clean washing.
Non-Toxic And Non-Reactive
Non-stick cookware may contain harmful toxins that may affect the immune system and even increases the risk of cancer but stainless steel technology is a safer kitchen product with less harmful chemicals. However, scratching the stainless steel cookware with steel scrub make unleash chemicals. So its better to avoid scratching their surface with steel scrubs. After each use, immediately fill the pan with hot water and dish detergent. Soak until the water turns lukewarm. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
Stain Resistant
As mentioned earlier, the saucepan set is stain resistant which will keep its good looks for years to come.
Light Weight
The lightweight feature of the stainless saucepan is another exciting feature for tired wrists. 
Beautiful Design
The saucepan is attractive having hard-anodized construction matched with stainless steel handles perfectly.
Mahaa brands are offering one year warranty against manufacturing defects for this amazing products. Familiarize yourself with Mahaa brands cookwares to make the best choice of your cooking style. Mahaa brands is an online trustworthy shop which makes your life easier in a quick browsing way.
Discover and experience our cookwares at best prices which will be delivered to your doorstep within a week!

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