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Babycon / Biryani Holder

Rs. 370.00 Rs. 315.00


Are you tired of the old tableware you see regularly in your dining and need classic looking Tablewares? A simple, copper sleek tableware which serves biryani in a magnificent way! You have come to the right place! Get the Mahaa Brand's babycon which is made of high-grade copper. They are elegantly designed safe and durable cookware.



Product Highlights

Brand: Mahaa
Model Name: Babycon
Colour: Silver
Lid: Without Lid
Non-stick: Yes
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Briyani Hold
  • Size 1 - 550ML
  • Size 2 - 850ML
  • Size 3 - 1150ML
Warranty: Against Manufacturer Warranty
Package Contents: 1-Babycon

Babycon Used For
  • Holds biryani and other rice
  • Sweets like Gheer,
  • Sambhar,
  • Rasam,
  • Dhal,
  • Soups


Elegant Design
This babycon is circular designed with a flat polished base and a broad-rimmed opening at the top. As they are no handles, the babycon is lifted by simply holding the rim.
Copper Is The Healthiest Choice!
The babycon is made up of high-grade copper. Research studies have proved that copper-rich foods increase collagen in our body, boosts metabolic rate, increases peristaltic movements for elders and aids digestion as well.
 High Durability
Since copper is one of the promising material of long durability, you don't need to worry more about the life of products. Unlike other materials, copper is highly durable even and retains the look even after years and years of usage.
Rustproof Quality
Since the babycon is fantasized of copper, they are no way to form rusts even after extended usage. But copper can react with oxygen to form blue-green platina on its surface which actually protects the vessel from further corrosion.
 Scratch Resistant
They are completely scratch-resistant since the exterior and interior body of the babycon is made up of copper with smooth features which are very convenient to maintain.
Superior Conduction Of Heat
Copper is known for its even distribution of heat through the utensil. And hot spots are pretty much unheard in copper pots and pans. This temperature can immediately change if you simmer the stove and your food will be at the optimum temperature.
Descent Weight
Copper has a good weight since the vessel looks a little medium on weight, it holds the right weight to get steadily situated in the burner.
Environment Friendly
This copper babycon is perfectly suited for all kinds of situations like hotel, restaurants, hotels and home. It is a very elegant design with elite durability and catches your eyes at first sight!
Perfect Choice Of Gifts
This is a very valuable and lovely choice of gifts. Additionally, the copper is also a nutritious choice which boosts the health of your loved ones.
Easy To Maintain
When it comes to washing copper, the thing which comes to our mind is the difficulty to wash it. Copper doesn't form rusts on their surface. They form only blue-green platina on their exposure to oxygen which is actually advantageous. Because it prevents the vessel from corrosion.
 What you can do about it?
Soaking the vessel in table salt and lemon juice for 2 hours makes your washing process very much easier!
Are you uncertain to buy this product? No worries, Mahaa brands are here for you to offer one year warranty for manufacturing defects. So, what's more, to think? Grab the Mahaa brand's traditional sleek copper babycon at the best prices now! This elegant babycon will be delivered to your doorstep at free delivery too! Grab this opportunity cuz it's worth it!