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Regular Thali Set

Rs. 1,275.00 Rs. 1,084.00
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The Thali set is specifically utilized for our savory Indian delicacies which makes our tummy and heart fulfilled after a total meal. This is both for vegetarians and non-vegetarian meals. Get the Mahaa manufacturers stainless thali at the best quality now!


Regular Thali Set


Product Highlights

Brand: Mahaa
Model Name: Regular Thali Set
Colour: Silver
Non-stick: Yes
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Regular Thali Set
Capacity: Nil
Warranty: Against Manufacturing Defects
Package Contents: Thali Set

The Thali Set consists of
  • One big plate
  • A small bowl, medium-sized and a large bowl with a steel tumbler


The Indian Thali Set Is Used To Serve
Any 3 desire of your personal wish
  • Rice
  • Salad
  • Rasam
  • Curry
  • Sambhar
  • Curd
  • vegetable salad
  • Pickle
  • Sweet


That is a pleasant set meal for Indians and serves in a range with curries, salads and sweets. This is additionally so nutritious and healthful than an American fashion buffet.
Perfectly Designed Set
This set consists of three bowls and a plate which is at the correct size to serve for 1.  A very protected cookware which is designed for a uniquely Indian style of cooking.
Environment Friendly
Since the thali set is made up of stainless steel, it is friendly for any form of environments like hotels, restaurants, or even grand feast at your home party to serve your guests and catch their eyes!
Proper Weight Thali Set
This thali set's bowls and plates are at the perfect weight and thickness at its walls which procure them an elegant appearance.
Long Durability
Made up of stainless steel! Long sturdiness is the most staggering characteristic and they are stain-resistant even years and years of usage.  Since it holds chromium which is the predominant component for durability. Mahaa brands are additionally supplying a 1-year warranty! What's more to worry?
Retains The Flavour Of The Food
Stainless steel is non-toxic and non-reactive with any different metals which do not provide a metallic flavour to the food.
Rust Proof
Another thrilling function of the thali set is it's rustproof even after years of usage. The amount of chromium current in it is acknowledged for its rustproof quality.
Stainless Steel Is Way To Serve Food Nutritious!
According to our food and drug administration, stainless steel is a healthful way to serve food even it includes at least sixteen proportion of chromium. It is extra safer than different reactive cookware like copper and Aluminium.
Easy To Wash
The thali set is very easy to wash and maintain. Wash them straight away after use with tender scrubs. They are scratch-resistant and you do not need to fear about it anymore.
Getting dubious to buy this product? No worries! Mahaa manufacturers are offering a 1-year guarantee for this set with a hundred per cent free returns.
Get the top branded high-quality Thali set at the fantastic expenses which continue to be new even long usage. Get them and add it to your kitchen to provide a charming look!
Impress your guest with the perfect Indian way of serving! Get the Thali set at best prices with free delivery!

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