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Round Octagon Dish (3 PCS Set)

Rs. 1,030.00 Rs. 876.00
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Wouldn't it be impressive for your friends and guests when they find the very much stylish dining sets when you serve in the dining! These Mahaa brands classic looking dining sets will definitely catch the eyes of your guests.


Dining Dish Series


Product Highlights

Brand: Mahaa
Model Name: Round Octagon Dish 
Colour: Silver
Non-stick: Yes
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Dining Set / Serving Bowl
Capacity: Nil
Warranty: Against Manufacturer defect
Package Contents: 3 Piece-Round Octagon Dish Set


What Does The Mahaa Brands Dining Series Consists Of?
  • Square dish
  • Triangle dish
  • Round Octagon dish
  • Octagon dish
  • Serving dish


Elegant Design
The Mahaa brand's dining set series is actually more stylish than explained.
The innovative shapes with comfortably blended smooth features provide easy grip even not having handles. The snug fit lid is all of the euro standard which you can conveniently use for all other utensils of the same size. The lids available doesn't allow the aroma if your favourite food out and retains the flavour of the food.
Made Up Of Stainless Steel
Firstly, talking about the material, they are completely made up of stainless steel which was a promised choice of long durability. It won't dent, tarnish, break, scratch even after long years of usage.
Non-Reactive And Non Toxic
Stainless steel is known for its non-reactivity and non-toxicity. Since it is made of less harmful chemicals, it doesn't react with your food and retains the flavour of the food after a long time.
Stainless steel is known for its rustproof quality. Since it is made up of a healthier life composition of nickel and chromium, chromium acts as a major factor for its toughness and doesn't form rusts even after long usage.
This durable set is 100% scratch-resistant since the interior and exterior body is made up of stainless steel and designed with smooth features.
Environment Friendly
The Mahaa brands dining set is also environment friendly for all kind of places like hotels, high-class restaurants and home.
Perfect Choice Of Gifts
Who wouldn't like to decorate their dining with stylish sets? This is a perfect choice of gifts for your loved ones and also a choice of gifts for let's said, newlywed couple, housewarming functions etc.
Easy To Clean And Maintain
Since it is completely scratch-resistant and rustproof, cleaning the sets are definitely easier than you think! Wash them immediately after use with soap detergent and soft scrubs for better maintenance.
Stainless Steel Is An Healthy Choice!
Of course, stainless steel is a healthy choice when compared to other materials like plastic. By proven studies, it inhibits the growth of microorganisms which prevents the exposure of diseases.
Uncertain to buy this product? You don't have to! Since Mahaa brands are offering one year warranty for manufacturing defects. What's more to think?
The perfect dining set with the best features is available at the best price with free delivery! Get them now cuz they are going to look lovely in your dining!
In the world of changes, Mahaa Brands are offering a long-lasting relationship with your kitchen by offering long-lasting products.